We have four fiction projects in development and are looking for broadcasters and co-producers to get involved… So please let us know if you think you could play a role in getting one of these projects off the ground! Please note that english translations of the scripts in French are available on request.


Flash Forward
French / Comedy / 13 X 4 minutes / TV or online.

Flash Forward (Demain Maintenant in French) is a comedy series made of short anticipation sketches. They present funny, yet very dark visions of the future, dating from 2040 and as far as 2400. These « flashes » into the future have various lengths, giving the viewer the illusion of being able to catch glimpses of the future in a random way, as if tuning into fleeting bits of programs on a magical TV…

The show comments on contemporary questions as important as politics, economy, social issues and ecology. These visions present what the world could become if we kept going in the same direction… and went completely off-tracks! It’s as crazy as the Monty Python’s Flying Circus and as serious as the death of humanity.

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Granny Production
English / Comedy / 13 X 30 minutes / TV

Four partners in their early thirties run a struggling film production company out of a lavish flat in central Paris.Their n°1 problem? The apartment belongs to one of the partner’s grand-mother who lives there, undermining their professional credibility.

Their prestigious address greatly contrasts with the projects they undertake: second rate promotional videos for the most part and badly managed personal projects for which they always hope to receive awards and never do… Refusing to give up after 3 years of operation and a perpetually negative balance on their bank account, they keep trying to make it in more and more desperate, and comical, ways.

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Ib’n Freddy
French / Comedy / 13 X 5 minutes / TV or online.

Ib’n Freddy tells the story of Freddy (Frédéric Sauniers), a native of Bretagne, and of his two best friends Mouss and Mourad. They are jobless and live a frustrating life in a rough estate in the Paris suburbs.

Inspired by terrorist attacks in France, Freddy convinces his friends (who are really reticent at first) that their best chance of making their lives exciting would be to join a djihadist group.

Far from wanting to become true fighters of the muslim faith, they want to get involved to have a chance of stealing petrodollars from those who finance the djihad. And if they can become heroes by bringing them down in the process, all the better…

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Toujours Pro! 
French / Comedy / 15 X 1’30 minutes / TV 

Toujours Pro! is a series of short comedy fillers about professional deformations. It presents how the quirky habits of various professionals (one per episode) are affecting their personal life. There are fun sketches making witty observations about their alienating lives.

A notary uses legal jargon when buying the services of a prostitute; a shop assistant uses the lifeless expressions (that she learned at work) when making love to her husband; a package holiday entertainer applies his cheering tricks at the funeral of a relative…

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