Sindbad Iksel

Director / producer (France and UK)

Brought up in France, Sindbad studied history at the Sorbonne (BA) and journalism in the UK (MA) before starting working as an independent director and producer in 2005.

Raised in a multicultural environment, he was always interested in intercultural dialogue, history, and politics, which drew him to documentary film making. Sindbad is half Turkish and has produced several films in Turkey, his second home.

Since 2013, he started writing screenplays for TV and cinema, fulfilling a life-long passion. Four of these scripts are currently being developed by Iksel Films.

Sindbad runs Iksel Films day to day in Paris and London and collaborates regularly with trusted directors and producers in various areas of the world (see other profiles on this page).


Boris foto 2 dic-09 web croppedBoris Kozlov
Producer, writer and brand consultant (Spain and the Balkans)

Raised in Belgrade, former Yugoslavia. Graduated in Communication Studies at the Complutense University in Madrid (Spain). His academic formation includes Film Studies at ECAM and Philosophy at EFI.

Founder of a video production company 2001 and a digital marketing agency in 2007, Boris produced awarded short films and lead creative ad campaigns for major commercial brands. Since 2013 he works both as consultant in the communication field and as a content producer.

A resident in Spain, he followed with attention the Balkans’ turbulent last decades, obstinately trying to reach the underlying motivations and true consequences of political events to fuel and inform his work as a media producer.

Boris Kozlov maintains a regular and rich collaboration with Sindbad Iksel since 2012. Together they share and shape creative ideas, as well as film and business opportunities.


claire_light_web3Claire A. Poinsignon

Journalist, writer and documentary producer (Europe, North Africa and the Middle East)

Claire started working as a journalist when she was 23 years old, focusing on the aftermath of colonization in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Maghreb.

When she returned to France, still shaken at the time by Mai 68’s events, she specialized in reports about social movements (France Culture, TF1, the Women Information Agency). Later she joined ARTE where she developed multimedia projects about Europe based on transnational partnerships.

Since 2010, she has built a personal network focusing on the Mediterranean: Europe and the Arab world.

Claire discovered Iksel Films when she worked for Arte. Since then, Claire has participated in a number of projects, bringing her keen journalistic flair and experience to the table.

She is also a non-fiction author and wrote Europe from A to Z, ARTE Éditions du Rouergue, 2008, a very fun and useful guide to understanding Europe.


François Lang

François Lang
Producer and creative consultant (Austria and Germany)

Raised in Germany and France François now lives in Vienna, Austria. A graduate of the prestigious Sciences-Po university in Paris, he was destined to a career within the government, or serving large firms.

Instead, François did the exact opposite and started publishing unusual board games that he had invented. It quickly proved a success and he now publishes games for various authors with his brand Le Droit de Perdre.

François often worked with Iksel Films, bringing his great workforce and culture to documentary projects and his sense of humor to advertising films. He now develops projects in Austria beyond his game activity and is producing films for Iksel Films in the Germanic countries.


dari0_iksel_1_webDario Helman
Producer, contents marketing expert (Latin America)

Dario was born in Argentina but his home now is in Madrid. His ties with latin America are strong: He just finished an advertising campaign using drones for the city of Veracruz (Mexico) which looks incredible.

He is an expert in content marketing to connect brands, institutions and tourist destinations with digital audiences. Dario also created YouFest, the first international festival that presents live the stars of global digital pop culture. For more on his achievements, please visit this page:

Dario commissioned Iksel Films to contribute to the trailer for the YouFest festival and, from then on, they have maintained a fruitful work relationship.